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Do you have less than two years of experience in real estate and want to grow your business? Or maybe you've been considering real estate as your future career path but don't know where to start? Why not join the brokerage that has the best new agent training systems in Central Illinois! Find your place on a rockstar team of agents that are dedicated to your success every step of the way. Click below to schedule a meeting with a Main Place career coach and and learn about the advantages of working with Main Place.

Don’t Have Your Real Estate License Yet?

Don’t Have Your Real Estate License Yet?

Career Starter Onboarding Timeline

We are dedicated to helping you successfully start your career. Our team will be here to assist you at every point along the journey. Take a look at our 8-week training program that will prepare you to best serve your clients and build your future!

Week 1

• Housekeeping
• Develop SOI List
• WHY Main Place Real Estate
• Meet the Team
• Meet with Chris
       • Goal setting, ideal calendar, strengths & weaknesses

Week 2

• Marketing & Business Development
       • Prepare marketing materials
       • Clean up SOI list & input in Boomtown
• System Training 1
       • Google & Gmail
       • MLS 

       • BoomTown

Week 3

• Lead Conversion
      • Phone Conversations (Shadow and Roleplay)
• Buyer Client Training 1
      • Showings (example & shadow)
• System Training 1

       • MLS
       • Supra

       • BoomTown

Week 4

• Personal Development
      • Revisit goals & ideal calendar
      •     Vision board
• Buyer Client Training 2
      • Contract Training 1A: agency, financing, purchase offer,
      •    Showings (shadow)
      •    Attend closings (ongoing)

Week 5

• Buyer Client Training 3

      •  Contract Training 1B: writing offers, presenting offers,


      •  Showings (shadow / supervision)

• System Training 3

Week 6

• Lead Conversion
      •  Buyer qualifying conversations (roleplay)
• Buyer Client Training 4
      •  Contract Training 2A: contingencies, addendums &
                 amendments, multiple offers, counter offers
      •  Contract Training 2B: (roleplay)

Week 7

• Lead Conversion
      • Homeowner presentations (roleplay)
• Buyer Client Training 5
      • Inspections (shadow & roleplay)
• System Training 4
      • Boomtown: lead central, lead profiles, drips, e-alerts, activity,
               texts, emails, log calls, notes
      • Intro to sisu: dashboard & goals, transaction & task

Week 8

• Business Development
      • Zillow: Set up & training videos
      • Opcity: Set up & training videos
• Working with Buyer Clients
      • Taking calls, scheduling showings, showings, making offers,
                transaction management
• System Training 5
      • sisu: trigger from Boomtown, form, tasks, docs